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Enforcer jackets were once the cutting edge of street protection issued to corporate mercenaries.  The onboard hardware focused primarily on ultra-invasive information gathering and reliably streaming it to private satellite networks.  To safeguard this precious cultivated data, electromagnetic hardening and basic intrusion countermeasures are integrated into the entire jacket, protection that extends to the wearer's entire upper body.


These are .stl files for 3D printing a custom designed set of jacket modifications inspired by the cyberpunk genre.  The DIY kit is not currently available, sorry!


The files include:



  • Main collar body (upper and lower).  Split into interlocking halves for efficient FDM printing. The collar has interior slots in the upper and lower halves, designed to hold LED strips (link below).  The LED strips are captured by small tabs and are removable.  The same slots also have room for a plastic diffuser with a thickness of about 1/32".  The outer face of the collar has a depression designed to glue on material that matches the jacket material.
  • Collar caps (left and right).  These fit snugly over the front ends of the collar, and are secured with a screw from below.
  • Collar ledges (2).  These triangular pieces lift the collar off the wearer's shoulder.  They fit into slots on the bottom of the collar and must be glued in place.  They have holes designed to be tapped for 1/4-20" threads, which is how the front of the collar is attached to the jacket.
  • Collar nook.  This small piece covers the spot where the LED wires exit the collar.  It must be glued to the collar.
  • Jammer.  This tech piece should be glued to the left shoulder blade of the jacket.  It is designed to accept the LED wires from the collar nook.  A hole must be punched in the jacket and the wires can be fed through to power supply inside.  This piece also has a window for an LED.



  • Sode panels (A, B, and C; 2 each):  Named after samurai armor pieces, these have holes for zip ties or string to connect all of the pieces together and to the jacket. The two upper panels have slots for small sections of the same LED strip that the collar uses.
  • Sode bumper (8).  These round pieces have hidden holes which zip ties thread through to connect the whole assembly together.
  • Sode controller (2). These small tech pieces are meant to be glued to the jacket chest and connected to the sode panels with ribbon wire, as shown in the prototype jacket. Or you can put them elsewhere, or omit them.



  • Rectangles (4).  These tiny pieces will look cool anywhere you want to glue them on your jacket. They can be heat bent to follow curves.
  • .PNG and .DXF files for cutting the line pattern inside the collar.
  • Detailed instructions and images for printing and assembly.


LED strip:

Please note the silicone encased LEDs pricing, variety, and availability are subject to change.  Look for the silicone covering.  The collar is designed to accept a strip with a cross section of about 6x12mm.  You will need one or two sections @ 21" each for the collar, eight sections @ 1" for the shoulders, and one section @ 1" for the jammer, for a max total of 51".

Enforcer Jacket Kit (STL)

$7.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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