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This kit contains .stl files for 3D printing the series 7 Light Collar System.  This collar is nicknamed "Morph" due to the physical flexibility of the frame, and creative flexibility of the design.  A variety of optional accessories and panels can be attached to various parts of the adjustable, modular frame.  The collar can be attached to a jacket or backpack with zipties, or worn independently.



  • Designed for FDM PLA
  • Build envelope: ~160 x 30 mm for the largest part
  • Various M5 hardware
  • Electronic accessories are entirely optional


Files include:

  • Frame and Accessory STLs
  • Exterior panel STLs
  • Exterior panel fabrication templates
  • Detailed instructions for assembly and installation


For personal use only.  Not to be used for commercial purposes in any way.



  • The first two Morphs were developed for Motionless in White's Cyberhex video.
  • The name "Morph" actually originates somewhere else.  The name of the mob that drops it can be used as a 100% off coupon code for this item only (no caps or spaces; will be disabled when it gets abused).

Morph Collar LCS7 (STL)

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