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Snack sized

Items for mechanized distribution
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octodog earrings bento 2.png
cyberpunk accessory jewelry radiation tag badge skull group3.png
onigiri earrings bento 1.png
tamagoyaki earrings bento 1.png
Cyberpunk Sharktooth Earring R1.png

Hi! I design and build sci-fi accessories.  The eligible items are primarily laser cut acrylic, and some have black textured painted areas to simulate the grip (knife earrings) or seaweed (bento series).  The sharktooth acrylic is CA glued to a PLA+ printed piece.  


All of the items work with the same black paper backer that can be seen with the bento earrings.  


I am open to wholesale - the details would depend on quantity and SKU.  

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