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How to get stuff, how to use it, company info


Inventory Drops:  Major inventory updates are made on the first Friday of each month. Email subscribers receive first notice.

Item RarityProduction frequency of a product line

  • Common: An unlimited amount is always available.  Ready to ship ASAP or after finishing options are applied.


  • Uncommon: Made to order, or in small batches.

  • Rare: A limited amount is produced one time.  This can include special variations, collaborations, weird things, etc.  Additional batches are uncertain.

  • Epic: A very limited amount is produced one time, and is definitely not coming back.

  • Unique: There can be only one!

Product lines often change or end.  I like making new things!

Commissions: Custom commissions are closed, sorry!  Configurable builds of certain items are available in the store.  Custom palette swaps may be available upon request.

Events: I plan to vend at: ​

Neotropolis: Along with my active product lines, I sell specially selected cargo at Neotropolis annually.  Prototype parts, oddball variants, factory seconds, discontinued leftovers, unique builds, stuff that I can't sell on Earth's internet - whatever will fit in my little cargo hauler.


UK: I ship to UK customers through my Etsy store.  If you want something that is available on my website but it's not on Etsy, contact me.  This policy is in place to simplify accounting, and I'm sorry for the hassle.  I'm currently (Q124) trying a VAT filing service, so this might change in the future.

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