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How to get stuff, how to use it, company info


Inventory Drops:  Major inventory updates are made on the first Friday of each month.  This may include new items and/or limited batches.  Email subscribers receive first notice.   

Active product lines often change or end.  I like making new things!

 Commissions:  Custom commissions are closed to individuals, sorry!  Configurable builds of certain items are available in the store.


Events: I plan to vend at: ​

  • Neotropolis [[untranslated planet]; April 26-30, 2023] [CONFIRMED]

Neotropolis: Along with my currently active product lines, I carry unique cargo to Neotropolis annually.  Prototype parts, oddball variants, factory seconds, stuff that I can't sell on Earth's internet - whatever will fit in my little cargo hauler.


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