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The STL files and blueprints below are free for personal 3D printing and making. 

Please do not resell or use for profit.  Some of these are my very early work.

Enforcer Collar - Updated mounting Ledge

Attachment point for Enforcer collar, now with options for printed 1/4-20" threads, captured M4 lock nut, or both.  Download this if you already own the Enforcer file pack.

Bottom needs supports, screw holes do not.  Designed for FDM PLA.  Includes instructions pictured here.

Shiny Knife Ring Clips (Single + Double)

Alternative sheath solution for Shiny Knife Mk. 4 - 5. Holds the knife at any angle on a swiveling, ambidextrous belt clip.  Release the knife with a firm pull, or half-release it by squeezing the two parts until parallel and then slide the knife free.  Some wearing in will be required, and the knife ring will become blemished.

Print in place with no supports.  Designed for FDM PLA.  Includes instructions.


Triangular accessory for garment customization.  Provides a hard point for attaching straps, layering fabrics, routing wires or just upgrading your style. 


Each unit requires one M4 nut and bolt.  The top layer in the photos is laser cut acrylic, but the files include a printable version of the silver version.  You could also cut your own from ~3mm sintra or some other material.

Braindance Wreath

BD Player/Editor headset.  Modular construction, alternate/adjustable sizing options, LED ready.  Includes stand files for both lasering and FDM.  Includes detailed instructions and a boring wiring video.

Designed for FDM PLA.  Smallest pieces are better printed with resin.  Can be printed on a 200 x 200 mm build surface.  File names include quantities.

Samurai Jacket Upgrade Kit

Assorted tech for replica Samurai/Crystal Jock jackets.  Includes an internal collar structure that holds LED strips and diffusing plastic.  Also includes various graphic assets and instructions.  No sewing required.

Designed for FDM PLA.  Shoulder part is better if made from something flexible. Can be printed on a 200 x 200 mm build surface.

Phase Pilot Pauldrons

Shoulder armor for late-gen phase shift pilot frame.  This was a one-time build  (on each shoulder) and is not refined as a product, but it works.  Does not include instructions.

Designed for FDM PLA on a 300 x 300 mm build surface.

Venom Snake's Bionic Arm

2D blueprint files for transferring a pattern to 3mm sintra or foam.  Print on 8.5 x 11" paper, trace, and cut.  Thermoform the arm parts, and glue the hand parts to a glove.

Includes some really old instructions, and Stun, Blast, Rocket, and Jehuty icons.

Serpentine Rail Cover

Rail covers designed to reduce the risk of snagging or tearing your pressure suit.  Slides over open rail ends and snaps into place.  May also provide varying degrees of companionship.

Designed for FDM PLA.  Length: 3.9"

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