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The BioMonitor is a vital sign measuring system that can be installed in most garments.  This Heart Tank variant replaces the typical display face with a stylized version for the more fashion minded, and adds an emergency auto-injection system*.


The monitor can be either permanently attached, or simply clipped into a pocket or over a fabric edge.  The large flexible tube can only be attached permanently, but you can easily remove it and block the opening.  You can also use the clamping system that holds the tube and the bundle of decorative internal wires to add your own wire bundles or similar elements.  Instructions for all install options are included, and it's all designed to be easy to customize. 


The faceplate consists of two layers - the status readout below, and the heart shaped protective layer above.  These can be changed without tools and without messing with the electronics.


These photos are from the first prototype.  The stock currently available for purchase will have some improvements - primarily, the shattered faceplate will be more legible and the impact point will convey a successful deflection rather than a hole.  The stock currently available is printed and painted, and just awaiting the electronics and faceplates, but I wanted to get them out with this month's shipment.  Will add installed photos as soon as I can.


*THIS IS NOT A MEDICAL DEVICE.  IT DOES NOTHING BUT EMIT LIGHT.  The first paragraph is the in-universe explanation for the device's intended function.

BioMonitor - Heart Tank

  • Dimensions (main unit): 3 x 3"

    Weight (main unit): 2oz

    Power Source: CR2032 coin cell battery (included)

  • Ships in about one week.

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