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This is a tech greeble for modifying cyberpunk jackets.  It can be attached alone or in multiples, and is designed to integrate wires of various sizes to your jacket.  This is an unfinished, raw PLA item that will need sanding and painting.


The hub has wide openings on all four sides, and various toothed inserts for handling different types of wires.  It is designed for CAT5 cable, but lots of other wires under 5mm in diameter can be used as well.  The hub attaches to the jacket with a backer that screws into the hub from inside the jacket, which keeps all wires and fabric edges mechanically retained.  There is also a smaller, single-opening version of the hub for for terminating the other end of the wires.


Due to the DIY-oriented natured of this jacket modification, I am only offering these as raw parts 3D printed in PLA.  The main Hub is designed for a specific silicone-encased 12VDC RGB LED strip which can be added to the order, but only order this if you are familiar with soldering and controlling RGB LED strips.  You will need a 12V RGB LED controller and power supply. The kit does not come with any wires or other electronics, and the LED sections do not come with pre-soldered leads.  There is plenty of room to substitute other types of LEDs in the Main Hub.


-(1) Main Hub
-(1) Main Backer
-(3) Mini Hub
-(3) Mini Backer
-(2) Wire Brackets
-(6) Wire Clamp Inserts
-(10) #4 x 3/8 Screws for fastening backers
-(Optional) 1" of silicone-encased 12VDC RGB LED strip


-Multiple hubs can be stacked to create a cyber spine!  
-If purchasing 3+ kits, some mini-hubs become redundant and will be excluded.  Shipping is free on these orders.
-Backers, inserts, and brackets have been simplified for better printing and to eliminate redundancy.  Some photos show the slightly different, older versions.

Jacket Tech - Hub

PriceFrom $12.00
  • Brand: Starside Armory

    Weight: 0.2 lbs

    Main Hub rough dimensions: 90 x 70mm

    Grommet rough dimensions: 46 x 32mm

  • DIY Kits: 1-2 weeks

    Finished Kits: 2-4 weeks

    Shipping: USPS Priority domestic - 2-3 days

    Shipping Charge: Free shipping over $35

    Circumstances sometimes affect turnaround times for better or worse.  I will keep you updated.

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