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This kit contains .stl files for 3D printing two versions of Shiny Knife, as well as the sheath/belt clips and multiple methods for producing the blade (or you can buy my blades here).  



  • Designed for FDM PLA
  • Build envelope: ~180 x 47 mm
  • Common hardware and electronic parts
  • Soldering experience


Files include:

  • Shiny Knife MK5 - One handle design.  Uses off-the-shelf switch, battery, battery clip, and LEDs.
  • Shiny Knife MK4 - Multiple handle designs.  Uses battery and LEDs, while the switch and battery clip are fabricated with solder and wire.  Use only if MK5 components are unavailable.
  • Universal Sheath - Full sheath with swiveling belt clip.  Fits all Shiny Knives.
  • Universal Clips - Minimalist clamp with swiveling belt clip.  Single and dual versions.  Fits all Shiny Knives.
  • PDF templates for manually cutting your own blades from 1/8" transparent acrylic.
  • PDF and DXF files for laser cutting your own blade profiles from 1/8" transparent acrylic.
  • STL files for 3D printing your own blades from transparent material (untested).
  • Detailed instructions and build video.


Assets for laser engraved patterns are not provided, only the cut vectors.


For personal use only.  Not to be used for commercial purposes in any way.

Shiny Knife MK4+5 Set (STL)

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