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Armored collar for specialization of tactical uniforms, providing neck protection and electronic accessory platform.


BugEater #2 is a unique build which was retired from the disbanded BugEaters' Militia (they ate all the bugs, and the station was saved!).  Only two other BugEaters' collars are accounted for, both of which were sold at Neotropolis.  Frayed straps were restored on the jaw after the principal photoshoot, and can be removed.  The center jaw section is the only one of its type ever made, and can be removed.


Includes external 8x AA battery holder (no batteries), extension cable, and RGB remote.



Improvised retrofitting is compatible with most vests, jackets, and jumpsuits.  Multiple anchor points available for attaching with cordage or zip ties (perforation of garment may be required).


Entirely modular construction allows for configurations that omit nearly any component.  Each section is hinged to maintain range of motion, and multiple size adjustments are available.

Light Collar - Morph BugEaters_O2

  • Class: Equipment - Neck

    Rarity: Unique

    Materials: PLA+, Sintra

    Weight: ~1.2 lbs

    Voltage: 12VDC

  • Ready to ship, processed within 3 business days

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