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Handle and utility attachment for common smartphones.  Adds a storage container, dual-orientation kickstand, strap points, and a large grip to your phone.


The vendor model adds a hinged bracket for a Square card reader.  Comes with strong double-sided tape pre-applied - just peel the liner and attach your own reader.  Keep your point-of-sale combo device strapped conveniently on your body, instantly readied or stowed.  This is the application for which the MoonGrip was originally designed.


Includes a semi-random assortment of all five accent panel colors and a sewn-on strap.  



The adjustable clamp should be nearly universal for popular smartphone models.  For the first fitment you will need a 2.5mm hex wrench to adjust the clamp height.  After that the phone can be attached/released in seconds by turning the knob.  See manual for more information.

If the clamp is too big or small, contact me - there are other clamp sizes.  You can return it in the first month if there are fitment problems.


No guarantees are made regarding secure attachment to your phone!  This item is technically a prop/art piece and should be handled with care, just like your phone.  Starside Armory is not responsible for any damage to your property.


Square reader and phone not included.

MoonGrip - Vendor

PriceFrom $85.00
  • Class: Gadget

    Rarity: Common

    Materials: PLA+, Acrylic

    Weight: 8 oz

    Clamp width: ~70 - 87mm

    Clamp height: ~6 - 16mm

    MoonGrip manual

  • Ships within 10 business days

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