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Armored collar for specialization of tactical uniforms, providing neck protection and electronic accessory platform.


Improvised retrofitting is compatible with most vests, jackets, and jumpsuits.  Multiple anchor points available for attaching with cordage or zip ties (perforation of garment may be required).


Modular frame allows for configurations that omit front, rear, or side sections.  Each section is hinged to maintain range of motion, and tightness of the hinges can be adjusted.


The base model consists of a complete frame and bare armor panels.  Use a panel as a template for fabric wrapping the panels, or paint them.  This system is in ongoing development - additional accessory modules and specialized builds will be available when ready.


The Y4 prototype build is shown for display purposes and is not for sale.


Morph Collar - Base Model

PriceFrom $120.00
  • Class: Equipment - Neck

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Materials: PLA+, Sintra

    Weight: ~1.2 lbs (no accessories)

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