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Accessory for garment customization.  Provides a hard point for attaching straps, layering fabrics, routing wires or just upgrading your style.



Tools required: Sharp object (heated awl recommended for synthetic materials); 2.5mm hex wrench


Requires destructive alteration of your garment!  You must create a hole in your fabric in a comfortable location.  From the interior, insert the provided M4x14mm bolt in the Backer piece and through the hole in your fabric.  The Backer has a "cup" shape, which is intended to face the fabric and create an embedded look with the exterior piece.  Position the exterior Node piece and partially screw in the bolt.  Finalize the position, straighten any bunched fabric, and tighten the bolt.


Both the Node and Backer pieces have three points each for small zip ties.  These can be used to provide routing or strain relief for wires, or to attach other accessories such as a key ring or paracord lanyard.

You can also securely attach straps or other fabric.  Create a hole in the extra material and layer it with the other components in any order.  Install as usual with the bolt inserted through the secondary material.  The clamping feature of the Backer and Node creates a stronger attachment than just a nut and bolt, and is much easier than sewing.


All PolyNode parts can be machine washed with cold or warm water.  The parts may attain some cosmetic damage but should otherwise be unaffected.  Do not machine dry, as the parts may warp.


The Backer creates some bulk on the interior of the garment.  Not recommended for install in areas where this would be uncomfortable, such as under backpack straps or over a collarbone.  The edges are beveled and the bolt head is rounded.


The embedding feature will slightly reduce the fabric's surface area.  You can avoid this by reversing the backer and installing it flat.  This may also be necessary for heavy fabrics, such as thick leather.


PolyNode - TRI_Silver

PriceFrom $16.00
  • Class: Armor Parts

    Rarity: Common

    Materials: PLA+, Acrylic, Steel hardware

    Weight: 1 oz

    Dimensions: ~2 x 2 x 1/2"

  • Ships within 5 business days

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