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Mk6 Shiny Knife, originally built for the shinobi clan NINJA X MACHINA.  Features the same edge-lit acrylic blade and combo trigger tech from the Mk5, but the kunai format is more concealable and durable.  Looks best when lurking in shadow.


Activate the twin LEDs momentarily by pressing the trigger; press and slide the trigger forward to lock it in the ON position.  Comes with replaceable CR2032 battery, which lasts over 24 hours of continuous use. 


A very limited number of leather sheaths are available here.  Designed and produced by NXM agent Smooth / MetaestheticDesigns.

Shiny Kunai

  • Class: Equipment - Wield

    Rarity: Common

    Materials: PLA+, 1/8" Acrylic

    Weight: 2oz

    Length: 9.5"

    Power Source: CR2032 coin cell battery (included)

    Maintenance Tool Required:  2.5mm hex wrench

    Quick Guide

  • Common item; ships within 5 business days

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