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Laser Conversion Project XX90

Obsolete firearm retrofitted with a mining laser.  Versatile, silent, and potent penetration in an ergonomic package.  Although widely useful as both a tool and a defensive weapon, it excels in neither application due to its improvised and atomistic nature.

Three Q-switched output modes: single pulse, pulse train, and continuous wave.  (Note: laser technology is developed by Hexacom's heavy industry division and is not entirely understood by Starside Armory).  Mechanical safety and trigger selection are inherited from host firearm.

Motorized adjustable focal length can be operated via controls, or automated with optional ranging sensor.  Focus can also be manually adjusted in event of malfunction.  Modded focus limit stops allow sub-optimal beam pattern; conical projection mode is highly effective at disorienting or damaging both organic and mechanical optical sensors.

Heat build-up is a concern when operating in vacuum.  In most atmospheres, the passive cooling is sufficient.  Rendered puncture-safe for all grades of pressure suit.  

Needs a conductive cooler.  Deploy only as a tool or support weapon.


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