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Improvised low-energy sidearm

Modified civilian market compressed gas-operated pellet gun.  Fires 4.5mm spherical projectiles made of recycled conductive metals (colloquially known as BBs).  BBs are first accelerated by discharge of compressed carbon dioxide, a function of the base pellet gun.  A secondary acceleration force is then imparted by electromagnetic coils built into the muzzle.  


By design, the projectile features very low velocity and mass compared to modern firearms.  The intended application of the KP40 is as a non-lethal deterrant with minimal capacity for collateral damage.  Easily outclassed by military armor.  Historically used in peacekeeping and other non-combat roles.

A very limited amount of KP40s were ever produced by Starside Armory.  Conversion kits and STL file packs may be available in the store; the base Umarex XP40 BB gun must be procured separately.

Please note that while the KP40 will operate in vacuum, the gas cartridge cannot be installed without atmospheric pressure.  If attempted in vacuum, rapid decompression and sublimation will render the cartridge useless, and can be hazardous in some scenarios.

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