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Classic assault shotgun modified with lateral aim-assist.  The "Kuiper" trajectory effector improves hit probability by applying a calculated electromagnetic field to buckshot as it leaves the muzzle.  Four main components make up this system - the sensor package, field generator, power shunt, and specialty ammunition. 


  • Equipped with motion-tracking LIDAR and one additional sensor (thermal imaging, EM field probe, or sonar).

  • Scanning and assist system activated by pressure switch.

  • Blue laser line helps visualize the scanning area and achievable trajectory correction.


  • Produces a strong electromagnetic field to either side of the muzzle at the moment of firing.

  • Shot passing through the field is slightly influenced laterally along a calculated trajectory.

  • Shot is also generally distributed laterally rather than conically.


  • Field generation is powered by an 18650 Lithium NMC battery.

  • Each assisted shot drains the battery in a controlled rapid discharge, ruining the battery.

  • Shunt includes a bolt-action battery reload system.


  • Requires ferrous metal buckshot shells - typically from recycled space debris.  

  • Compatible shells loaded on JOS feature white shells.

The base shotgun is modified for EVA durability, but is otherwise unaffected by the Kuiper system and can function without it engaged.  The aim-assist effect is only active while the laser switch is held.


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