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For best results, install post-mortem

Cybernetic organ suite purpose-built to harden an individual against vacuum exposure.  Part of an armored exoskeleton system designed for prolonged EVA combat.  Starside Armory only built parts of this system, and as such can only offer a limited explanation of the major organs:

  • LUNGS - Hard-cased oxygen absorption system.  Rather than a muscle-driven pressurized gas system, multiple electric pumps keep four vacuum chambers at a negative pressure (simultaneously pressurizing the cardiovascular system).  Synthetic blood and liquid oxygen are sprayed into the chambers, where the atomized mixture is absorbed by synthetic aveoli and pumped out into the body.  A sealant surrounding the lungs self-heals small punctures.  Even if all four chambers are compromised and exposed to space, the vacuum pumps just pump harder and gas exchange can continue effectively. 

  • HEART - Triple-redundancy fluid pumps constructed from self-healing conductive polymer musculature.  Shielded against radiation, piercing damage, concussive damage, and extreme temperature.  Self-contained lifetime power source.  Starside Armory developed the externally visible heart monitor.

  • CIRCULATORY SYSTEM - While vacuum-proof blood trials remain unacceptably hazardous, vacuum-resistant blood-oil has long been deployed in military cyborgs.  Evaporation rates of the synthetic fluid are drastically slowed, further protected by a heavily redudant cardiovascular system that automatically seals off ruptured sections and screens out gas bubbles.

  • CONTROL COLLAR - A Starside Armory Morph collar has been integrated with the various organs to transmit diagnostics and sensor data to an Elex™ taskmaster AI.  Got to keep your cyborg on a short leash.



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