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Microgravity-man-portable anti-ship missile launch platform

The Taipan platform enables a single operator to deploy a class 2 anti-ship cruise missile from EVA.  It consists of a custom man-portable frame, an off-the-shelf satellite comm module, a custom fire control module, and the biggest missile ever shouldered by a human.

FRAME - Steel tube construction with "chainsaw" style carrying handles and rubber missile straps.

COMM - Obsolete Nokia cellphone, chosen for its reliability and outdated frequency.  Receives encrypted targeting telemetry or other signals from a spotter ship.

CONTROL - Central computer processes telemetry and uploads to missile guidance computer.  Controls include main power, ignition delay setting, arming safety, and ignition.  Also features atmosphere and gravity lockouts to prevent improper deployment.

MISSILE - SSACM-2120-V Moonbeam, manufactured and provided by Ashmoon Solutions, Inc.  Vacuum-only space-standoff anti-ship cruise missile.  Most specifications redacted.


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