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Hello there!  I'm Curtis, also known as Crater in some circles.  I was born on Earth and currently reside on Jormungandr Station, just inside the Kuiper Belt.  I produce assorted personal equipment designed to extend - or at least improve - the life of the everyday working spacer.

I work primarily with 3D printing, laser cutting, and small electronics.  Due to the fluctuating availability of resources in space, I often utilize upcycled and reclaimed components.  Utility, flexibility, and efficiency are important factors in my work.  My favorite design inspirations are Aliens, Titanfall, and Metal Gear Solid.

All items are designed, built, and fulfilled by me.  Planetside shipments are routed through the USPS spaceport in Portland, Oregon.


Business Type: Personal Equipment Manufacturing, Direct Distribution

Description: Spacer gear at fair prices!  Come on up!

Established: 2015 CE

Employees: 1


  • Orbital Manufacturing Class S2 (#K778024)

  • Zero-G Ordnance Broker (#21808)

  • SOSHA Certified (0 Strikes)

Station: Jormungandr Orbital

Module: 8-733, Epsilon Sector

Facility Amenities:

  • Sector-wide 1G centrifugal gravity

  • Sextuple redundancy life support

  • Single occupant resting quarters

  • Three nearby coed hygiene facilities

  • ELEX™ overseer AI integration

  • Class 2 berth/airlock

  • Space forklift



Under Construction

Where: SPACE     When: T H E  F U T U R E

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