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Master informational guide for inexplicably glowy ninja shovel

Shiny Knife cyberpunk led kunai reg 2.png

Hello!  This manual covers FAQs and ownership notes.



Q: How is it operated?

A: Press the trigger button to momentarily activate the LEDs.  This can be operated with a finger or by squeezing with your entire hand.  Press and slide the button forward to lock it in the ON position.

Q: Is it sharp?

A: No.  The point is slightly rounded.  The edges are square and cannot be effectively sharpened.  If the acrylic "blade" breaks, the break can be sharp.

Q: What is it good for?

A: Training, fidgeting, stage prop things.  It just looks cool in the dark.

Q: How bright is it?

A: It depends on the environment.  In total darkness it can be bright enough to see a few feet. In an artificially lit room, the blade illumination is visible.  In full daylight the illumination is not visible at all.  Shows up brighter on camera.  Generally speaking, it's "medium" bright, with the tradeoff being long battery life.

Q: Battery?

A: (1) CR2032 lithium coin cell, replaceable, non-rechargeable.  Easily lasts 24 continuous hours.

Q: Can the color be changed?

A: No.  To achieve the desired size, battery life, and cost, it uses a pair of single-color 5mm LED bulbs.

Q: Can I fly with it in carry-on luggage?

A: NO, it will be confiscated.

Q: Is that real carbon fiber?

A: No, it's PLA+ and the pattern is part of the 3D printing process.  I just thought it looked neat.  [Q: Is this guide helping your interest, or hurting it?  I believe in under-promise/over-deliver. A: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ]

Q: Why is the LED flickering?

A: The battery can come loose upon a hard drop/throw.  Open the device as detailed below and re-seat the battery.  Ensure a solid connection by pressing down on the battery and bending the battery retention tab down enough to firmly hold the the battery in place.

Q: It can be thrown?

A: I have thrown and stuck it in snow and foam insulation board.  Fun!  However, this is a plastic prop and throwing it will eventually break things.  In my experience, the acrylic blade will break first - the tip and the tabs used to keep the blade aligned are the only parts I have been able to break with repeated/reasonable abuse.  Hurling it at concrete will obviously break it and has not been tested.

Q: Will STLs or DIY kits be available?

A: At the time of writing (06-24) I do intend to release a file pack for 3D printing and optional laser cutting, as well as DIY kits.  I have no time frame planned, but I typically produce an item for about one year before releasing files.

Q: Can I buy replacement blades?

A: Yep, you can find all common blade designs here.  [LINK TO BE ADDED].  Any type of rare+ special edition blades are only available as replacements for owners (contact me).

Q: What if it doesn't work or I think it's stupid? (WARRANTY)

A: No problem, you can return it at no charge in the US within 30 days of delivery.  Contact me below and I will email a prepaid USPS label.  If you're an international buyer, still feel free to contact me.



Battery Swap

Tools required: 2.5mm hex wrench, maybe a small flathead screwdriver.

  1. Battery swap:  Unscrew the (2) M4x12mm bolts.  Remove the blade, then split the handle halves.

  2. Replace the battery.  You may need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry the battery out.

  3. IMPORTANT: After inserting a new battery, ensure a solid connection by pressing down on the battery and bending the battery retention tab down enough to hold the battery tightly.


  • If one or both LEDs dim intermittently, the battery may have loosened.  Perform the battery tab bending maintenance described above.

  • If the trigger becomes hard to slide, open the handle and clear the trigger area of any debris.  Polish the spring and trigger sliding surfaces with a fine grit sandpaper or file.  Consider adding silicone grease.

  • If the LED stays on, carefully bend the switch lever to adjust the trigger sensitivity.

  • Feel free to contact me with any other issues!


  • Developed for NINJA X MACHINA.  Normally I build totally novel designs, but my ninja chooms needed a high-tech take on the classic kunai for doing techninja things.

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