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Master informational guide for Mk4+5 Shiny Knives


Hello!  This manual covers basic questions including battery changes and component options. 

A video demo is available here.


Q: How safe is this "knife"? 

A: The tip is a little pointy, but all edges are completely square and dull.  The electronics are harmless.


Q: How bright is it?

A: Naturally it looks the best in darker environments, and disappears entirely in sunlight.  It is visible in a normally lit room, but it's not as cool.  The LED colors, blade color, and blade type are also factors.  The LEDs and battery are small - don't expect a lightsaber.


Q: How do I change the battery?

A: See the quick guide below.  CR2032 coin cell batteries can be purchased at most general stores.

Q: How sturdy/durable is it?

A:  I have dropped them on wood dozens of times without breaking the blade.  It only weighs 3oz and the blade is semi-flexible, so it's hard for it to break itself with just a fall.  You could probably snap the blade if you throw it as hard as you can at a cement floor and it hits just right, or if you bend the blade excessively sideways.  I have also yet to break or wear out the electronics - they are very simple and glued in place.  That said, if you toss it around enough, something should break eventually.


Q: Is it waterproof?

A: No, but it would take a lot of water to be a problem.  If water gets deep inside it could short the electronics.  Immediately turn it off, remove the battery ASAP, and dry it completely, and it should continue working.


Q: What if it does break? (WARRANTY INFO)

A: If the electronics break within 7 days, I'll replace the handle assembly.  If the blade is broken in shipping, I'll replace it.  If the blade breaks any other way, replacements are available for purchase.


Q: Can I order a custom build?

A: Yep!  The custom build listings are at the top of the Shiny Knife section.  You can also  order individual Mk5 blades.

Download the quick guide here.

Shiny Knife MK5 Quick Guide2.png
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