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Do you carry more than cellphone/wallet/keys?  Is your bag an extradimensional portal from which your belongings are rarely exhumed?  Put your loadout on autopilot with this wearable display panel that tracks your bag's inventory!  This listing is for a semi-customized build: choose your own LED colors.


  • Three LEDs: Two side by side LEDs illuminate the upper screen layer.  A third LED strip illuminates the lowest layer.


Multiple options for attaching or wearing.  You will need to provide the final parts that are appropriate for your use case:

  • Mount on a flat surface: (4) M3 nuts are embedded in the frame.  M3 screws not included.
  • Hang from a chain: A removable chain loop is included.  Chain not included (paracord works too).
  • Strap: Loops for a 1.5" wide strap are built into the frame.  Strap not included.


NOTE: INVENTORY TRACKING REQUIRES A POCKET BOTSTER (ver. 2+).  A static sample inventory will be displayed if not wirelessly linked to a little robot crawling around and taking inventory.  Starside Armory does not manufacture any Pokebot product lines - please refer to your preferred home robotics emporium.


LED Samples:

  • The NightRider87 build has double RGB fast on an ice blue background.  Very flashy.
  • The Peacock build has double RGB slow on a White background.  More chill.
  • The Inventory Tracker build has blue on the left and RGB slow on the right, on a red background.  The gradients are all tinged blue and are pretty subtle, but I find it more interesting than a static color.  In this image it was shifted red, combining with the blue to make a pinkish purple color, but I see now that I messed up the camera settings and it looks white here.

Chromabar2 - Inventory Tracker

  • Class: Gadget

    Rarity: Common

    Materials: PLA+, Acrylic

    Weight: 4 oz

    Dimensions: 4.25 x 2 x 0.8"

    Power Source: 2x CR2032 coin cell (included)

  • Ships in 5-10 business days

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