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Tarantula is a special edition/prototype visor with specifically paired lenses and panels. Straight-ahead visiblity is severely reduced for users with unmodified organic eyeballs.


This visor configuration includes a pair of slow color shifting RGB LEDs.  The color shift becomes out of sync over time, creating better gradients the longer they are running.  Also includes a secondary set of fixed-color LEDs. Turn on either the RGBs or the fixed colors, or both!  Choose the secondary LED colors on the left and right - both turn on together and will blend with each other.



This item comes with the special lens set and faceplate. Up to 3 lens can be installed at once in a variety of combinations. Please refer to the spare parts page for a list of all available lenses.




Strap the visor on with an easily adjustable and concealed elastic cord. The only parts that touch the skin are padded with foam. Modifications to sizing and other comfort considerations are detailed in the included Quick Guide and the Visor Manual.


May not be compatible with all face shapes. DIY modification to the nose pads may be necessary if the pads don't reach the nose bridge. If the visor doesn't fit, you can return it for free in the U.S.


WARNING: Vision is impaired by both physical occlusion and bright light near your eyes. Visibility may be moderately to completely impaired depending on lens combination and environment. Humans prone to epilepsy should not use the fast RGB mode. Not meant for prolonged use. Exercise caution while wearing. Not intended for unmodified optic nerve interface.

Gogul Visor - Tarantula

  • Class: Equipment - Eyes

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Materials: PLA+, Acrylic

    Weight: 5oz

    Power Source: (2) CR2032 (included)

    Visor Manual

  • Ships within 5 business days

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