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This is a pack of 3D printable STL files!


Mod accessory for technical garments.  Each hand-adjustable puck adds radial motion and/or light to your jacket.  Commonly referred to as Dials.


Consisting of a Knob, Base, and Backer, these Dials are designed to attach to your jacket with a single #8 screw.  The knob clicks into the base and can be rotated freely, with just enough friction to hold its position.  The backer is placed inside the jacket and keeps the jacket material tight against the Dial perimeter.  LEDs can be installed inside.

-Twelve standard Knob designs: Some with cutouts to allow light through.


-Four Base designs: Flat or curved back / solid or cutout sides.


-Two special Knob designs: Base not required, fewer features.


-Accommodations for installing 5mm LEDs inside the Bases (not included).


-All cutouts can be fitted with a thin plastic light diffuser.  Most thin, semi-transparent plastics should work.


-Backer has a raised lip to create a cupping effect in thin fabrics, or it can be flipped over to the flat side.

-If installing multiple Dials next to each other, consider creating one big backer to connect them all.  This will keep them aligned rather than pointing all over like chameleon eyes.  I recommend 3mm expanded PVC, as it can be easily tooled and heat-shaped into a curve.


-I went a little nuts with the different Knob designs and have not printed/tested them all.  If you run into some issue, let me know and I'll take a look.



Jacket Tech: Radial Puck (STL)

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