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This is a pack of 3D printable STL files!


Mod accessory for technical garments.  Keep your wires tight and tidy.


STL pack for 3D printing this techno doodad for adding wires to cyberpunk jackets. It has openings on all four sides, and different inserts for handling different types of wires. It is designed for CAT5 cable, but lots of other wires under 5mm in diameter can be used as well. The hub attaches to the jacket with a backer that screws into the hub from inside the jacket, which keeps all wires and fabric edges mechanically retained. There is also a mini version for terminating the other end of the wires.


Several hubs can be stacked to create a cyber spine.  Thanks for looking!


Updated: Backers, inserts, and brackets have been simplified for better printing and to eliminate redundancy.  Photos show the slightly different, older versions.

Jacket Tech: Hub (STL)

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