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Technical collar for integration with ELEX™ taskmaster AI systems.  Configurable LEDs visually designate crew roles in busy, multi-org work environments such as spaceports and shipyards.  Also a popular fashion statement among planetside civilians who romanticize working in space.


The Major variant resembles the previous S7 Morph model, characterized by the closed front frame. 

  • Front section can swing open to either side by disengaging a safety release buckle
  • Buckle will stay closed during light activity and release under moderate force
  • One 14mm bolt and nut are provided to lock one of the buckles closed
  • With front section open, the multi-hinged collar frame retains its flexibile design
  • Includes replacement parts for converting to Minor

No LED front section option: Omits the front LED strip from the front frame but  otherwise keeps the full collar appearance.  The side LEDs are bright enough that the difference is minimal. 


Yes LED front section option: Front frame is fitted with an LED strip that connects to the main frame with a barrel connector on each side.  Easily unplug and/or disconnect the collar from either side or both sides.


The series 8 Light Collar assembles the best features of all previous models.

  • A hinged frame provides flexibility and durability. 
  • Compact and lightweight, it can be worn with a helmet with minimal interference. 
  • Multiple anchor points make installation easy and versatile, or it can just be worn loose. 
  • Exterior panels are reversible, allowing the owner to swap between a white, black, or mixed palette.  Extra sever levers are also provided in a variety of accent colors.
  • Every component is attached with nuts and bolts, making service and modification easy.
  • Personalization is included - your custom text can be laser engraved on the panels.  If fields are left blank, so will the panels.
  • External 8xAA battery holder and extension cable included (batteries not included).
  • Controlled via Android/iOS bluetooth app (if you prefer a dedicated RF remote, just include a note at checkout.  Does not affect price).

  • Shiny LEDs.


See installation and fulfillment details in the sidebar.

Light Collar S8 - Assembler Major

PriceFrom $270.00