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Do you regularly work in toxic atmospheres, or no atmosphere at all? Do you breathe oxygen? An emergency oxygen tank could be the difference between life/death, or bonus/no bonus.

Features a latching, rotating cap for maintenance access to removable pressure vessel.  Pressure vessel not included on Earth-bound units.  With pressure vessel removed, the foam lined interior can store other things such as snacks or rolled documents.


  • SSQD-C connector, 4.3 psi
  • Seal indicator LED has three states:
    • Blue - Good Seal, LED switch is ON
    • Red - Partial Seal, regardless of LED switch
    • Off - Good Seal, LED switch is OFF
  • Container mouth diameter: x"
  • Container length:  x" (6.5L), x" (11L)
  • 6' adjustable strap with reflective piping
  • Includes single wall mount bracket (the double display bracket pictured contains two single mounts)


Real talk: This is a prop first and an oddly-shaped container second.  Contains no pressurized components.  A-style air coupler can be connected to a non-pressurized coupler for prop purposes.

Oxygen E-Tank

PriceFrom $190.00
  • Class: Equipment - Gadget

    Rarity: Rare

    Materials: ABS, PLA+, acrylic, EVA foam, nylon

    Weight: x

    Length: x

    Power Source: CR2032 coin cell (included)

  • [materials on hand; production paused]

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