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Accessory for garment customization.  The HyperFlex device highlights body motion with 2x LEDs, which are activated by a configurable motion trigger.  Setup is simple and tuneable on the fly.


Other than having only two LEDs and a larger width, the Xenikkhon variant is functionally identical to the standard Purazuma model.  The rest of this description is the same as well:



The LEDs are controlled with a spring-loaded pull string.   It has two modes - "pull on" and "pull off". 

  • Pull On: LEDs are off by default.  Pulling the string turns the LEDs on.
  • Pull Off: LEDs are on by default.  Pulling the string turns the LEDs off.
  • The mode is easily toggled with a switch.
  • The main power switch deactivates both modes.


The key to linking the LED activation to your bodily motion is where the pull string is secured.  The devices in the demonstration video are attached to the thigh and tethered to the back of the waist.  With the device in "pull off" mode, the string is pulled tight when I am standing straight.  When I raise my leg, the distance between the two attachment points is shortened, the string retracts, and the LEDs turn on. 


Another example installation would be mounting the HyperFlex on your bicep and securing the string to your back.  The trigger would be activated by extending your arm.  The possibilities are endless. 




Tools required: Sharp object (heated awl recommended for synthetic materials); 2.5mm hex wrench


Requires destructive alteration of your garment!  You must create one hole in your fabric in a comfortable location.  From the interior, insert the provided M4x14mm bolt in the Backer piece and through the hole in your fabric.  The HyperFlex is meant to rotate freely as needed, so you don't need to tighten the screw all the way down.  As long as it is mostly tightened, the nylon lock nut will keep the bolt from coming loose.  More information is included in the Quick Guide.

The LED trigger point can be tuned by adjusting the pull string position and/or length.  The pull string is 550 paracord with a spring clamp.  This is meant to be extremely simple so that you have multiple options for discretely securing the loose end.  You can thread the end through a belt loop and secure it with the spring clamp.  You can loop it around a strap, carabiner, or molle system.  You can tie it to another HyperFlex.  The spring clamp provides a quick way to adjust the tension/length, and there are practically limitless other ways to manipulate the paracord for your preferred application.


Water resistant - potted electronics should be fine in light rain, but remove before washing garment.


Creates some bulk on the garment.  Not recommended for install in areas where this would be uncomfortable, such as under backpack straps or over a collarbone.  The bolt head on the interior is rounded.


  • Class: Armor Parts

    Rarity: Unique

    Materials: PLA+, Acrylic, Steel hardware, 550 paracord

    Weight: 5 oz

    Dimensions: 7 x 4 x 0.5"

  • Ready to ship; processed within 3 business days

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