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Master informational guide for Compiler and Viper Light Collar System


This system is designed to be modular, customizable, and easy for anyone to install on their own jacket.  This information only covers the discontinued models 2 and 5.


Q: How does it attach to my jacket? ​​

A: Position the collar on your shoulders and figure out where it looks/feels the best.

  • Clip Option: The collars come with clips installed.  These simply grab on to your jacket collar.

  • Screw-On: Remove the mounting screws.  Poke a hole in your jacket where you want each mounting point.  Insert the mounting screws through the inside of your jacket and screw them into the mounting holes.   This more detailed guide is included with purchase.

  • Hybrid: Use one of each method on each side.  This will make donning the jacket easier, allowing one side to be removed while the other stays firmly attached.

Q: How is it powered?

A: It requires an external 12VDC power source.  The collar has a female 5521 barrel plug, and a 40" cord is included with all collars.  There are a few options for power supplies:

  • 8x AA Battery Holder: An inexpensive power pack, these often come with 5521 male plugs and on/off switches.  This is the only power supply option that I ship with orders.

  • Lithium Ion Power Supply: Recommended for their superior capacity and rechargeable features.  I recommend these 3000mAh or 6000mAh packs by Talentcell.

Q: How long do the batteries last?

A: The 6000mAh battery lasts about 13 hours.  The 3000mAh lasts around 6 hours.  Both AA chemistries have lower mAh ratings - often around 2000 for alkaline and 1600 for lithium.  I have not tested AA battery life, but it should be around 4 hours.

Q: How do I disassemble/assemble it?

A: Unless you want to paint the parts, there shouldn't be a reason to disassemble the collar.  None of the electronic parts can be removed without cutting wires.

Clip Diagram.png
Compiler Diagram.png



The frame is the main body to which all other components are attached.  It consists of the curved LED track and the electronics cases.  3D printed in PLA+.


The shells are the decorative outer covers that give the frame some character.  The outer shells acts as lids to the electronics cases, and also helps secure the band.

Shell variations are the main way in which the different models and accessories are categorized.  3D printed in PLA+.


The band is an optional decorative outer layer of the Compiler collar.  It is made from 3mm expanded PVC, which is easily heat-formed and tooled.  It is designed to catch and reflect light on the inside, and provide a place for cosmetic customization on both sides.

The band is intended to be customized.  It can easily be removed and repainted, cut up, drilled, sticker bombed, bedazzled, studded, or otherwise adorned with stuff.



Accessories are optional, removable parts that can be added to the frame or shells.  Right now, all accessories are only compatible with a particular shell model and are only sold along with specialized models.

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