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Open packages with style with the Shiny Toof Jr!   Even better if you're opening packages in the dark for some reason!

This is a purpose-built tool for breaking packing tape.  It is operated by pressing it against a package, centered on the seal you intend to breach.  When pressed down, the spring-loaded guards retract by about 5mm and a dull metal tip is revealed.  The metal tip is pointed but not sharp or edged - it is meant to pierce tape and it will rip cardboard, but that's all it will do if used as intended.


Using it also activates an LED for no practical reason.  All standard variants are only available with a blue LED.


The tip can be removed and stored within the handle.  This "defanging" turns the Shiny Toof into an extra-harmless flashlight or prop taser.  This requires a 2mm hex wrench used on six screws, so it is not something to be messing with while - for a random example - in line at a security checkpoint.


    Sparkle Toof Jr.

    • Class: Gadget

      Rarity: Rare

      Materials: PLA+, Acrylic

      Weight: 3 oz

      Power Source:  CR2032 coin cell (included)

      Shiny Toof Manual

    • Ships in 5-10 business days

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