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Master informational guide for futuristic box opening tech

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Hello!  This manual covers FAQs and ownership notes.

Scroll to: Battery Swap / Defanging


Q: Is it sharp?

A: No.  The tip is a square metal washer with dull edges and 90° point.

Q: What kind of penetration does it offer?

A: Less than 5mm, effective vs. most tapes.  It can pierce one side of single-ply corrugated cardboard without protruding out the other side.

Q: Can I take it on an airplane or in a government building?

A: If you temporarily defang it, maybe, but it will likely attract attention.  The markings do not say "knife" or anything like that, but it's still not recommended.

Q: Can it be modified to be dangerous?  Deadly, even?

A: Why are you asking all these suspicious questions?

Q: Does it have any weaknesses?

A: Since the tip works via pressure more than a sharpened edge, it requires a sturdy target.  If you use it on a surface that sags under pressure, the surface is likely to buckle and deform before the tip can effectively penetrate.

Q: Why is the LED flickering?

A: Theoretically, the battery can come loose upon a very hard drop.  Open the device as detailed below and re-seat the battery.  This hasn't happened in this product, but I think it's possible and it will be considered in future designs.

Q: What if it doesn't work or I think it's stupid? (WARRANTY)

A: No problem, you can return it at no charge in the US within 30 days of delivery.  Contact me below and I will email a prepaid USPS label.  If you're an international buyer, still feel free to contact me.



Shiny Toof led box cutter prop diagram.png

Battery Swap

Tools required: 2mm hex wrench, maybe a small flathead screwdriver or knife.

  1. The CR2032 battery is located under the panel with the snake on it.

  2. Remove three screws: (1) M3x10 button head from the snake panel, and (2) M3x12 flatheads from the associated cover.

  3. Remove the snake panel to access the battery.  You may need to use a flathead screwdriver to pry the battery out.

Defanging (tip removal / storage)

  1. Follow steps above to access the tip storage slot next to the battery.

  2. Remove (2) M3x6 button head screws from the guard assembly - the screw closest to the spring, one on each side.

  3. Remove the guard assembly (the four screws near the front can be left installed).

  4. Remove (1) M3x12 button head screw from the tip assembly.

  5. Remove the tip from the tip assembly and insert it in the storage slot next to the battery.

  6. IMPORTANT: With the tip removed from the tip assembly, the 12mm screw is now too long to properly reassemble.  Swap this screw with the 10mm button head screw removed from the snake panell, installing the 10mm in the tip assembly.

  7. Re-install the tip assembly, guard assembly, panel, and cover.

    To remove tip from storage slot, insert 2mm wrench into the hole beneath the slot.


  • Many oviparous creatures use a temporary "egg tooth" to assist in hatching from their eggs.  The Shiny Toof Jr. is somewhat similar in function, so that's why there's a bebe snake on it.  It's just as teeny and harmless.

  • While this is essentially the sixth Shiny Knife, the model number SK-TE1 (Shiny Knife Tape Eater Mk.1) indicates an offshoot in the Shiny product family.

  • The Futurama-inspired name sets some exciting requirements for the Mk.2!

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