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Notable updates to inventory and website

>JUN-07.24: Added new items: Shiny Kunai and Shiny Kunai - Cottonmouth

>APR-05.24: Added new item: Biometric Case Lock

>MAR-01.24: Added Sikhye bottle lantern to Free Plans

>FEB-02.24: Added Kitsch MoonGrip and Bubblegum LCS8 variants

>JAN-05.24: Added updated Enforcer mounting options to Free Plans

>JAN-05.24: Added new item: "Star Plotter" logo t-shirt

>DEC-01.23: Added new item: Mk5 Shiny Knife DIY kit

>OCT-06.23: Added new item: Shiny Toof Jr.

>OCT-06.23: Added new items: Bento Buddy earrings

>AUG-28.23: Finished all current level 4 armory files

>AUG-7.23: Implemented a rarity classification system for all physical items.  This is meant to help shoppers understand product availability in a familiar format

>AUG-04.23: Added new item: RADTAG dosimeter

>JUL-07.23: Added new item: LCS8 Assembler Minor and Major

>MAY-31.23: Added new file set: Shiny Knife MK4+5 STL pack

>MAY-31.23: WIP update to site including font, please excuse any wonkiness

>MAY-18.23: Updated Shiny Knife ring clip files with wider clip options.  See free files section

>MAR-03.23: Added new item: MoonGrip supercase.  Discontinued HyperFlex

>JAN-22.23: Added new item and free file set: Shiny Knife ring clips

>JAN-22.23: Discontinued old Shiny Knife Sheath.  A few units reserved for Neotropolis

>DEC-02.22: Added new item: R1 Sharktooth earrings

>DEC-XX.22: Discontinued SplitBands from stock due to exhausted specialty fabric and pending design update.  Remaining units reserved for Neotropolis stock

>NOV-XX.22: Added new item: PolyNode_TRI (silver and sharktooth variants)

>OCT-XX.22: Removed Chromabar2: Biological Sample from stock due to exhausted biological samples

>ANCIENT HISTORY: Discontinued Heavy Collar Enforcer, Light Collar Compiler, Light Collar

Viper, Shiny Knife Mk.4, SatNet PDA, BioMonitor Heart Tank, and more

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