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Handle and utility attachment for common smartphones.  Adds a storage container, dual-orientation kickstand, wrist strap, and a large grip to your phone.  Looks best with large phones.


The Kitsch variant:

  • Always includes the LED trigger.  On the non-LED model, it will have no function.
  • Features raw PLA frame and controls in colors that I don't normally stock, limiting inventory.
  • Does not include different accent panels because the colors clash.



The adjustable clamp should be nearly universal for popular smartphone models.  For the first fitment you will need a 2.5mm hex wrench to adjust the clamp height.  After that the phone can be attached/released in seconds by turning the knob.  See manual for more information.

If the clamp is too big or small, or you anticipate issues, contact me.  There are other non-standard clamp sizes.  You can return it in the first month if there are fitment problems.


No guarantees are made regarding secure attachment to your phone!  This item is technically a prop/art piece and should be handled with care.  Starside Armory is not responsible for any damage to your property.  Phone not included.

MoonGrip - Kitsch

PriceFrom $75.00
  • Class: Gadget

    Rarity: Uncommon

    Materials: PLA, Acrylic

    Weight: 8 oz

    Clamp width: ~70 - 87mm

    Clamp height: ~6 - 16mm

    MoonGrip manual

  • Ready to ship; processed within 5 business days

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