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It could be considered a training knife, fidget device, or cyberpunk accessory, but the Shiny Knife is only made for one thing - looking cool in the dark. Activate the blade by squeezing or locking the trigger.


The Megatronix variant is a limited collaboration with the synthwave metal mashup dark power duo. Only twenty are available, and all available inventory will be brought to their performance at Neotropolis '23. Each blade is numbered on the interior area and will be distributed sequentially. Also include a ring clip. The extra proceeds will be dead-dropped to the band in a dark and ominous but also neon-drenched back alley at Neotropolis. We thank you for your support!


NOTE: Per the arrangements of this collaboration, this item is ONLY available as a pickup at Neotropolis. The postage will calculate at astronomical rates to enforce this.


Replaceable battery included. Belt clip included!


Trivia: The Megatronix design was a collaborative design with Dark Rob. He asked if I could engrave their logo on the blade, and I was like, how about a blast of lightning and explosions too? And he said CHARGE IT UP WITH SOME LIGHTNING AND CIRCUITS!! And so it was. The first was made only for Dark Rob, but I was able to squeeze some more into the production schedule for Neotropolis. This design is the origin of the Raiden variant, but the Megatronix knife remains my all time favorite Shiny Knife.

Shiny Knife - Megatronix

  • Class: Equipment - Wield

    Rarity: Rare

    Materials: PLA+, 1/8" Acrylic

    Weight: 3oz

    Length: 13.5"

    Power Source: CR2032 coin cell battery (included)

    (Additional blades and sheath sold separately)


  • Ready to ship; processed within 5 business days

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