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Notable updates to inventory and website

>JAN-22: Added new free file set and item: Shiny Knife ring clips.  

>JAN-22: Discontinued old Shiny Knife Sheath.  A few units reserved for Neotropolis.

>JAN-6: Added new item: HYPERFLEX armor mod.

>DEC-2: Added new item: R1 Sharktooth earrings.

>DEC-X: Added LC-P90 information to level 4 armory.

>DEC-X: Discontinued SplitBands from stock due to exhausted specialty fabric and pending design update.  Several remaining units reserved for Neotropolis stock.

>NOV-4: Added new item: PolyNode_TRI (silver and sharktooth variants).

>OCT-X: Removed Chromabar2: Biological Sample from stock due to exhausted biological samples.

>ANCIENT HISTORY: Discontinued Heavy Collar Enforcer, Light Collar Compiler, Light Collar Viper, Shiny Knife Mk.4, SatNet PDA, BioMonitor Heart Tank, and more.

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